Caring for Vermont Marble™ Balance Tables and Slabs

All Vermont Marble™ balance tables and slabs will need a thorough cleaning prior to use to remove any debris from the shipping process. Some marble dust from the fabrication process may be also present prior to the initial cleaning. We recommend a mild alkaline detergent and a thorough rinsing.

If ordered with sealant, your marble has been sealed with BulletProof™ sealer from Dupont/3M. This sealant does not preclude any particulates from accumulating on the surface of the sealant after application, nor does it completely eliminate particulate shedding if the surface is not also polished. This sealant, or its equivalent, should be maintained by the end user, the frequency of which is dependent upon wear and tear, and is readily available through Gawet Marble & Granite, Inc., most stone sales retail stores, masonry supply stores, box stores, and online suppliers. Technical Data Sheets and MSDS are available upon request. The use of harsh chemicals and/or abrasives will significantly shorten the lifespan of the sealant.

If your marble has been polished, you will note that the surfaces that come in contact with the damping pads are machine surfaced. This is a deliberate action to prevent “creep” as a result of any vibration or shock from the instrumentation or activity on the top of the marble surface. If your marble is sealed, this surface is also sealed to prevent shedding.

The damping pads included with your marble are a composite designed to withstand the weight of your marble as well as having excellent damping properties.